Welcome to Pat and Gracie's, where we hope your experience will be as memorable as the infamous Clintonville couple - our namesakes.

Where we sit today was once a magnificent horse farm built by the union of Pat and Gracie. But before there was a "Graceland" there was just a gambler and a madam.

Patrick "Pat" Murnan was a hard-working railroad man who lived the simple life. One day Pat walked into a gambling club on his way to work. With Lady Luck by his side, he won big and before the day was over, he walked out as the new club owner.

Pat moved his club to a location in downtown Columbus and became rich. Pat parlayed his good fortune into another successful gambling venture - horseracing. While Pat tried to keep his gambling operations hidden, he didn't attempt to hide his wealth. Pat was often seen strolling about downtown Columbus in loud plaid suits, diamond collars and a gold-headed cane. It may have been on one of these strolls that Lady Luck led Pat to another type of lady - Grace "Gracie" Backenstow, the madam of a downtown brothel.

Something between Pat and Gracie clicked, so he moved her to a horse farm he had purchased in Clintonville and renamed it "Graceland." It was here that they built a long life together filled with fame and fortune.

While their romance became legendary, they never forgot the source of their wealth and often made generous contributions to the local causes. While cynics might say this was their way of keeping the police off their backs, we choose to believe they realized that if you place your bets on local resources, success will come your way.

That's why at Pat and Gracie's we serve only the best our community has to offer, as our way of giving back.

We are sure you will agree that it's a winning combination!

Patrick "Pat" Murnan Portrait
Grace "Gracie" Backenstow historical portrait
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